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Tool Install Integration Engineer - #12980

Tool Install Integration Engineer - #12980

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We are seeking a Tool Install Integration Engineer for assignment in Malta, New York. The selected candidate will incorporate and coordinate collaboration between the core members of the Tool Install Design process, including the Ramp Engineer, Tool Install Project Manager, Design Lead, Tool Owner and Vendor (when applicable). The Integration Engineer is the hand off between Ramp Engineering and the Design team.


Hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 4:00pm


- Obtain configuration documentation from Ramp Engineer and procurement for tool purchase

- Align with Ramp engineering and procurement on DSIR delivery, documentation alignment sent to vendors/suppliers

- Perform scoping meeting, field walks with TI Design core team members, Ramp Engineers, Tool Owners, Vendors (When Applicable), Tool Install Project Manager

- Integrate into Design team to support DL’s with validating Design readiness

- Pull packages out of drive and does cursory review and reviews with RE, RE do valid check and submit into DSIR

- Complete DSIR review for FOK/MOPK/UPG with design lead

- Coordinate with clients layout to ensure the correct ICON’s are placed in layout, datum’s and all other deliverables have been met by the layout team

- Ensure all DSIR issues are closed by either coordinating with the ramp engineer, tool owner, Vendor, Tool Install PM or escalation to the client Design Manager, client Ramp Engineering Manager and Tool Install Program Manager of Construction

- This person is to ensure all scope, vendor, Site, Tool Owner, Ramp Engineer, etc. is captured for a full comprehensive scope of work        

- Contact any of the core members as they see the need to drive success in the Tool Install program. This is inclusive of the clients team members and non-client members inclusive of vendors, sub-vendors, etc. to ensure success

- Perform problem solving, solutions, incident actions, corrective actions and continuous improvement programs to streamline the process of being ready at design start

- This person will conduct reviews on the existing DSIR (Design Start Information Readiness) and the DS (Design Start) processes and provide recommendation to streamline the process as required

- This person will engage at the configuration coordination with vendor, tool owner, ramp engineer and work with procurement for information readiness

- This person will also work with Design team to close any design actions related to information readiness



- High School Diploma, Trade School or Associates Degree in mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial or other engineering field

- BS degree in mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial, or other engineering is preferred

- 3 to 7 years experience in related job role experience

- Semiconductor and/or tool install experience is preferred